Advertorial: PERI reaches new heights with new one-sided panel system


A unique panel system, MAXIMO, has been recently launched in Central London by one of the leading suppliers of formwork and scaffolding, PERI Ltd, which will significantly reduce labour times by up to 50 per cent.

Launched at an exclusive event in the capital, the new panel system dramatically reduces installation time and labour costs thanks to its MX tie technology, which allows ties to be installed by just one operative without spacer tubes. Faster than conventional panel formwork, MAXIMO will allow contractors to erect and install formwork quickly without extensive manpower, whilst still retaining a quality concrete finish.

The launch event showcased MAXIMO to an audience of industry professionals who were able to view the panel system up close and meet the expert PERI team. A demonstration at the event also highlighted the MX tie technology, which allows the system to be installed from just the one side of the wall, whilst the MX shaft corner exhibited how a complete set of shaft formwork can be moved quickly, providing valuable time savings on site.

Alasdair Stables, Managing Director of PERI, said: “The recent launch event for MAXIMO was a great success. Not only did it allow us to introduce a new panel system to the UK market, but it gave industry professionals an insight into how we as a company are continuously striving to make the installation of systems easier, safer and faster than ever before.

“MAXIMO has already had a positive reception from the German market and it is growing in popularity throughout the UK in diverse projects including the Lee Tunnel in London and the Masjid Mosque in Glasgow. The speed at which MAXIMO can be assembled, and the reduction in personnel, to erect the system, makes it a must-have for those seeking to significantly reduce time and costs on site; a key factor our customers are always seeking when specifying formwork.”

PERI’s new MXK platform was also shown at the launch. Suitable for both MAXIMO and TRIO formwork systems, the MXK system offers a working platform solution which meets the highest safety procedures. Unlike traditional platforms, the MXK offers a lightweight modular platform system which has pre-assembled components allowing for easy assembly at ground level.

Opening up new possibilities to the UK construction industry, MAXIMO is set to change the face of panel formwork due to its ability to reduce materials required and associated costs. Its capability to deliver an enhanced concrete finish thanks to tidier joint and tie arrangements mean that a better quality finish can also be achieved.

To find out more about MAXIMO and its benefits visit and download the brochure.