Almost 50 homes approved for Aberdeenshire village

Councillors have given their support for a new housing development in the rural Aberdeenshire village of Sauchen.

Stewart Milne Homes North had applied to Aberdeenshire Council for planning permission to build 49 homes and associated works on land at Cluny Greens, just south-west of Kemnay.

The development is the last phase of the council’s plan to provide a total of 99 new properties in the area – 23 of which have already been completed, and 27 are currently under construction.

A detailed report on the proposal was presented to Aberdeenshire councillors at the Garioch Area Committee meeting this week.

The homes are to consist of eight two-bed properties (all of which are affordable units), 16 three-bed properties (four of which are affordable units), nine four-bed properties and 16 five-bed properties.

Concerns had been raised regarding flood risk, as well as footpath provision and sewage, increased congestion and school capacity.

The planning application stated that both SEPA and the council’s flood prevention team are satisfied with the proposal in terms of potential flood risk.

However, the majority of councillors voted for the report to be presented to the environmental regulator again with the additional information for further review.

At the committee meeting, Councillor Ron McKail supported the recommendations and moved a motion to approve the delegated grant.

His motion was seconded by Councillor Alistair McKelvie.

Councillor Martin Ford moved an amendment to also approve the delegated grant but added an additional point for council officers and SEPA to check flooding history in the area and whether flood risk measures on the site would need amended as local information noted that flooding data was out of date.

Mr Ford said: “I do think we’ve received credible information that there is grounds for concern and I would like a response at some point whether we could ask for some further reassurance.

“The overall scheme has been through due process and is entirely acceptable.

“It is only a question of the detail whether the flood risk to some of the properties that have been proposed, is in fact much greater than one in 200 years.

“I would advocate that the points raised with us this morning are explicitly raised with SEPA and the council’s flood engineers for them to either confirm they are confident that the maps presented to us are correct and that we can proceed, or that they are now not and some amendment may be required.”

After going to a vote the amendment received eight votes with five for the motion.

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