And finally… Glasgow to host Passivhaus ‘Ice Box Challenge’

Two boxes constructed to differing building standards are to be filled with ice for two weeks to demonstrate how well each icebox keeps out the heat without relying on any energy.

Under the patronage of the UNECE and in the lead up to COP26, the city of Glasgow will host the ‘Ice Box Challenge’ from July 23 – August 6 in St Enoch Square, Glasgow.

The public installation presents a visual demonstration highlighting the benefits of adopting a simple efficiency-first approach to buildings.  One box is built to the Scottish Building Standard and the other to the Passivhaus Standard (deemed an international gold standard.) The structures are on display to the public for two weeks, each holding an equal amount of ice. When opened, the amount of ice left in each box will be measured & weighed. How much ice remains demonstrates how well each icebox keeps out the heat passively, without relying on any energy.

A weekend stay in a UK Passivhaus B&B and Passivhaus prize packs are to be won for those who can correctly guess how much ice will remain.

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