Balfour Beatty to reducing onsite construction by 25% by 2025

Leo Quinn

Balfour Beatty has outlined a commitment to reduce work undertaken onsite by 25% by 2025.

In the latest in a series of policy papers, the contractor said the move will support the UK government’s 2025 strategy for lower cost, lower emissions and faster delivery.

The new generation of industrialised construction methods, including offsite and modular building techniques, offers the UK construction industry one of the largest opportunities available of any sector to transform its model, the paper argues.

Balfour Beatty said it recognises that industrialised construction is the best way to shift 25% of its current output by 2025 to a solution that can critically improve safety, radically enhance productivity and quality but also create new expertise with the potential to be a massive export opportunity.

Leo Quinn, Balfour Beatty group chief executive, said: “On a national level, industrialised construction would lead to the creation of thousands of jobs across the country over the next few years – if we invest now.

“For everyone in construction to reap the rewards of industrialised construction the industry must increase the pace of change while the public sector and other infrastructure commissioners need to fund schemes that utilise industrialised techniques.”

The paper, 25% by 2025: Streamlined construction - seven steps to offsite and modular building, also outlines how the government can work with the construction industry to modernize and drive change more quickly and calls on the construction industry to share best practice and learn from the manufacturing sector.

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