Car-free flats proposed near Partick Expressway

Plans have been unveiled for a development of 48 new homes in Partick.

Clydeside BSW Developments has submitted a request for planning permission for the project on the site to the south of Crawford Street, Rosevale Street and Beith Street. The site is currently landscaped with trees, grass and a path.

Under the plans, there will be two blocks, one with six storeys and the other with four storeys, each containing 24 flats, a mixture of one and two-bedroom homes. The proposed car-free development would aim to encourage car sharing but a minimum of five spaces with electric vehicle charging points would be created in an attempt to “enhance street parking”.

A design document submitted to Glasgow City Council stated: “The new Expressway created large embankments that had previously been tenements or industrial dockside buildings.

“Over the succeeding years these legacy brownfield spaces have become landscaped but, due to being unenclosed, provide very little amenity value other than to dog walkers, and their pets, and cyclists using the routes for commuting and leisure.

“The mature trees do however serve to provide visual amenity to residents by acting as a visual screen to the Expressway. For this reason, the indicative layout included in this application seeks to retain the existing mature tree planting as much as possible.”

It added: “The proposed residential blocks are the same height as the existing residences immediately opposite.”

The document argues that the location is suitable for car-free housing because of nearby public transport, the cycle route and the controlled parking zone.

The last dates for comments are August 21 and planners are expected to make a decision on the plans by September 20. 

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