Construction leads - December 14th


Applicant: D & J Smith

Planning Authority: Angus

Details: Construction of general purpose farm building and associated hardstanding

Location: Fallaw Farm, Arbikie Inverkeilor, Arbroath

Agent: AJFitchet/Architect LLP, 24 South Tay Street, Dundee

Reference: 20/00831/FULL

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Applicant: The Ambassador Theatre Group.

Planning Authority: Edinburgh

Details: Demolition of the existing scene dock structure at the Playhouse Theatre, 18-22 Greenside Place, Edinburgh

Location: Playhouse Theatre, 18 - 20 Greenside Place, Edinburgh

Agent: Montagu Evans LLP, Fao Rachel Mushet, 4th Floor, Exchange Tower, 19 Canning Street, Edinburgh

Reference: 20/05360/FUL

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Applicant: Parabola Edinburgh Limited

Planning Authority: Edinburgh

Details: Proposed construction of two public realm structures and associated works at land at Lochside Way, Edinburgh

Location: Land Adjacent To Lochside Way, Edinburgh

Agent: Montagu Evans LLP Fao. Rachel Mushet, 4th Floor, Exchange Tower, 19 Canning Street, Edinburgh

Reference: 20/05325/FUL

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Contract Authority: Port of Leith Housing Association Ltd

Details: This cyclical painting programme will cover approximately 226no. properties built between 1980 and 2000 and 75no. pre 1919 tenement properties. All properties are located within the Leith and North Edinburgh area. The cyclical painting works include internal and external decoration of the common areas to a number of units owned by the association. Additionally, works will be carried out to a number of units where the Association provides factoring services or has offered serviced to private owners where it owns a majority within a common stair.

Location: Leith and North Edinburgh area


Publication Date: 11/12/2020


Contract Authority: Scottish Prison Service

Details: This Contract is to appoint a competent and capable Contractor to replace the non-secure fob system at HMP Low Moss.

The Contractor shall replace the existing system with one which is compatible with existing fobs. The Works require to be completed by the 12th March 2021.

Location: Bishopbriggs


Publication Date 11/12/2020