Construction leads - December 19th


Applicant: University Of Glasgow

Planning Authority: Glasgow 

Details: Mixed-use University campus development including: (1) teaching and learning buildings (Class 10) (up to 65,000 sq m); (2) University research buildings (Class 4) (up to 17,000 sq m); (3) commercial research & development/offices (Class 4) (up to 18,000 sq m); (4) retail shops (Class 1) (up to 4,000 sq m); (5) financial, professional and other services (Class 2) (up to 500 sq m; (6) food and drink (Class 3) (up to 2,500 sq m); (7) hotels (Class 7) (up to 12,500 sq m); (8) sports and recreation facilities (Class 11) (up to 500 sq m); (9) day nursery (Class 10) (up to 500 sq m); (10) crèche (Class 10) (up to 100 sq m) (11) residential flats (mainstream or student) (sui generis) (up to 14,500.sq m); (12) Data Centre (Class 4) (up to 3,000 sq m); (13) energy centre (sui generis); (14) means of access, servicing and parking arrangements: (15) related infrastructure; (16) related landscaping and (17) related public realm and demolition of existing buildings

Location: Site At University Place Glasgow

Agent: Ryden LLP Per Brian Muir 130 St Vincent Street Glasgow

Reference: 19/03378/MSC

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Applicant: HSCP

Planning Authority: Glasgow

Details: Sub-division of children’s unit (Class 8) to form 2no dwellinghouses

Location: 49 Airth Drive Glasgow

Agent: Project Management & Design - Glasgow City Council Per Jane Williamson Exchange House 231 George Street Glasgow

Reference: 19/03544/FUL

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Applicant: Stallan Brand Architects  

Planning Authority: Glasgow 

Details: Construction of four dwellinghouses with associated parking

Location: Lock Up 2 Botanic Crescent Lane Glasgow

Agent: Stallan-Brand Architecture & Design Ltd. Per Sarah Hay Oxford House 80 Nicholson Street Glasgow

Reference: 19/03315/FUL

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Contract Authority: Grampian Housing Association Ltd

Details: Construction of three storey flatted blocks (comprising 35No units) and associated external works, drainage, etc

Location: Fraserburgh


Publication Date: 18/12/2019


Contract Authority: Colgach Salmon Fisheries Limited

Details: Seeking contractor to undertake conversion of an industrial building formerly used as a net store and ice house in connection with salmon fishing to provide domestic accommodation at the upper level

Location: Achiltibuie


Publication Date: 18/12/2019