Construction leads - May 20th


Applicant: Mental Health Aberdeen

Planning Authority: Aberdeen

Details: Internal alterations to provide office space including construction of partition walls and associated works, installation of flue and replacement louvres to rear

Location: Langstane House, 6 Dee Street, Aberdeen

Agent: Space Solutions, Bishop House, 50 Carden Place, Aberdeen

Reference: 210603/LBC

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Applicant: Patersons Of Greenoakhill

Planning Authority: Glasgow

Details: Use of vacant land as truckstop service station, with construction of modular building of restaurant and facilities, includes installation of 6 no. light/CCTV towers, fencing and associated works

Location: 2310 London Road, Glasgow

Agent: DTA Chartered Architects, 9 Montgomery Street, The Village, East Kilbride

Reference: 20/03264/FUL

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Applicant: Bell & Higgins Property

Planning Authority: Glasgow

Details: Use of office (class 2) as 2 flatted dwellings with associated external alterations 

Location: 74 Berkeley Street, Glasgow 

Agent: F.E.M Building Design, Douglas Mack, 8 Plantain Grove, Lenzie, Glasgow

Reference: 21/01259/FUL

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Contract Authority: University of Strathclyde

Details: Annual Maintenance contract of campus wide Access Control system. Including 1 service annually and all component parts of the EACS within each building shall be serviced at each visit. Central EACS hardware/software shall however receive 2 service visits per annum. Along with call-out response to faults with repairs that can include system installation/replacement/upgrading works.

Location: Glasgow


Publication Date: 19/05/2021


Contract Authority: Scottish Police Authority

Details: Police Scotland are looking to purchase shelters for Disaster Victim Identification purposes, in the event of a Mass Fatality incident

Location: National


Publication Date 19/05/2021