Construction leads - September 9th


Applicant:  HG London Road 2 Ltd.

Planning Authority: Edinburgh

Details: Demolition of existing buildings and construction of purpose built student accommodation and associated landscaping and infrastructure.

Location: 65 London Road, Edinburgh

Agent: Turley. FAO: Alison Maguire, 26 Dublin Street, Edinburgh

Reference: 20/03478/FUL

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Applicant: CUSTOM Leith Ltd.

Planning Authority: Edinburgh

Details: Reinstatement of historical rooflights within the roof of the Cruiser Store. Installation of new fabric canopy in lane between Cruiser Store and Custom House with minimal fixing to existing structure. Construction of new freestanding timber structure located within the lane behind the Cruiser Store and the main Custom House building. Removal of existing steel bars to cruiser store south elevation.

Location: 1 Customs Wharf, Edinburgh

Agent: Groves-Raines Architects Studios Ltd, FAO: Shaun Barton-Ducasse, Lamb’s House, 11 Water’s Close, Edinburgh

Reference: 20/03360/LBC

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Applicant: Mr & Mrs Garvie

Planning Authority: Edinburgh

Details: The proposed construction of a mews structure for two dwellings.

Location: 17 Melville Street Lane, Edinburgh

Agent: LBA Architect. FAO: John Cameron, 18 Walker Street, Edinburgh

Reference: 20/03319/FUL

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Contract Authority: Broch Skate Club

Details: Design & Build of concrete skate park

Location: Fraserburgh


Publication Date: 08/09/2020


Contract Authority: Scottish Prison Service

Details: This Contract is for the Replacement of the Wearing Course of the existing car parks at the Fauldhouse Central Stores and Training Centre (the ‘Establishment’). The external car park located at the Establishment has large sections in poor condition. The existing surfaces are beginning to break up creating pot holes and trip hazards, in addition to being unsightly this could present a health and safety risk if not addressed.

The Contract also involves the replacement of all car parking bays and an anti-slip walkway from the car park to the main entrance.

Location: SPS Fauldhouse


Publication Date: 08/09/2020