Contractor appointed to demolish Aberdeen school

The demolition of a disused Aberdeen school is expected to start within a matter of weeks after a contract was awarded by the local authority.

Works at Kincorth Academy, which closed its doors in July, were initially planned to begin in October in order for the land to be used for a council housing development.

But it was not until February that Aberdeen City Council publicly offered up a contract of the work to potential contractors.

Nine organisations put forward bids to carry out the demolition with Glasgow-based firm George Beattie and Son selected as the preferred bidder.

The contract includes the removal of all the existing buildings, link bridges, asbestos, drainage and stairs.

A council spokesman said: “Following a successful tendering process a contractor has been appointed and will be starting on the site in the coming weeks.”

Ward councillor Alex Nicoll said: “Although this news does indicate some progress, the time taken to get to this stage is ridiculous – particularly given that the council had years to prepare for the school closing.

“The building is now a complete eyesore and I’m sure those residents living nearby will be delighted when it is finally brought down.”

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