Contractor cleared of causing dust contamination at Inverness hospital

An Inverness hospital which had to postpone a number of operations due to dust contamination in its theatres has ruled out recent construction work as the cause.

Floors of the theatres in the main theatre complex at Raigmore Hospital were found to be contaminated by dust resulting in a number of postponements of surgery while the area was deep cleaned.

The theatres had been undergoing an upgrade by Graham Construction as part of a multi-million pound refurbishment of the hospital.

It was initially thought that construction work as part of the theatre upgrade had resulted in the increased level of dust being tracked into the theatre block.

However tests carried out by hospital authorities have revealed that the dust migration was not directly attributable to the adjacent refurbishment works.

Katherine Sutton, deputy director of operations at Raigmore Hospital, said: “We have been working very closely with Graham Construction.

“We’re satisfied that precautions taken by our contractor are proving effective and are confident that additional steps taken by both our clinical teams and our estate staff will ensure that theatres can begin to function as normal.”

Pat O’Hare, contracts director at Graham Construction, added: “We have wide experience in the refurbishment of operating theatres within live hospitals, and the isolated work areas we develop are essential to ensure operations can continue while this work is under way.

“It’s clear, following these tests, that the very strict protocols we have in place to prevent dust migration from areas under contamination are operating effectively.”

Elective surgeries have now resumed at the hospital following the cleaning process.

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