Council to take immediate action over unsafe church spire in Rothesay

Rothesay West ChurchArgyll and Bute Council is taking immediate action to ensure public safety after a historic church spire in Rothesay was confirmed as dangerous to the public.

The condition of Rothesay’s West Church has been monitored over the past few years and, following further investigation work recently, it was revealed that sections were now unstable.

The council’s building standards team took action, beginning in early September, to remove the roof and take down the walls to window cill level.

A high level inspection of the spire took place recently and revealed that it too was in a condition which was dangerous to the public. The subsequent engineering report confirmed this.

In order to remove the danger to the public the spire will have to be demolished. Work began on the demolition yesterday.

Head of planning and regulatory services, Angus Gilmour, said: “We appreciate that this building is of historical and cultural significance to the community. We have worked with a local interest group for the past two years to try and find a way forward which could save the building and put it to use as a community asset but the opportunity for that has now passed.

“Nobody likes having to demolish historic buildings but we are left with no choice here – the spire is dangerous and has to come down. Our priority is keeping the public safe and where we have to take action we do.

“Ultimately the responsibility for a building lies with the owner but this situation has been complicated because, after an extensive search, we have found that there is no owner.”

The involvement of the council’s building standards team will end when the spire is demolished and the site is safe.

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