Designs revealed for Discovery Point upgrade plan

Detailed plans for the multi-million-pound redevelopment of the Discovery Point visitor attraction in Dundee have been revealed.

Architects Aim Design working with Dundee Heritage Trust hope to refurbish and extend the venue, home to the iconic research ship RRS Discovery since 1993, adding five fresh mini attractions and substantially altering the building to make it more energy efficient and provide views of the River Tay.

Works will centre on preserving the existing stone and zinc fabric of the landmark, upgrading energy systems and introducing a central corridor, opening up through views from the entrance to a zinc-clad extension offering 180° views of the River Tay.

Visitors will be able to access the dome level gallery for the first time, offering further 360° panoramic views of the city, waterfront and River Tay.

Architect Ged Young, of Aim Design, said: “Buildings of this nature certainly have their challenges, ensuring reduction in CO2 emissions is critical for our future. We must seek wherever possible to improve rather than replace our present building stock. The proposals at Discovery Point capitalise on its prominent south-facing prospect combining fabric improvements with renewable energy and passive energy solutions to drive down CO2 levels.”

Images courtesy of Aim Design

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