Dundee school buildings set for £2.5m improvements

Harris Academy
Harris Academy

Dundee City Council has set out a timetable for a school improvement programme totalling around £2.5 million.

A report to be discussed by the local authority’s education committee on Monday reveals that more than three-quarters of the 54 school buildings in Dundee have been rated in good or satisfactory condition.

Nine of the 13 buildings graded as poor are set to be replaced with the others subject to major investment to bring up their standard.

The new build programme, which includes Harris Academy and primary campuses at Hillside, Strathmartine, Coldside and East End would also help to improve the school estate overall in Dundee.

Other improvements planned include £825,000 for a new nursery unit at Glebelands Primary School, £737,000 for a nursery unit at St Pius, and hundreds of thousands of pounds replacing doors and windows, upgrading toilets, providing air conditioning and access to schools including Ancrum, Craigiebarns, Ardler, Clepington and St Fergus primaries.

Gregor Murray, depute convener of Dundee City Council’s education committee, said: “There is a clear link between the quality of the school building and the educational experience of our young people.

“That is one of the reasons that in recent years we have undertaken a massive capital investment in our school estate.

“Not just in building new premises like Victoria Park or Camperdown primaries but also spending money on the likes of Braeview Academy and Craigie High School to deliver general refurbishment and upgrades to teaching areas as well as continuing the window replacement programme and planned improvements to the heating systems.

“Our aim is to ensure that all establishments are graded good or satisfactory in terms of their condition and suitability to deliver a 21st century curriculum and I am sure we will achieve that.”

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