Falkirk Council submits £240m Growth Deal bid

Falkirk Council has submitted a £240 million funding bid which, if successful, could see 6,000 new jobs created and an additional £400m brought into the local economy every year.

The council and its partners have put forward the multi-million-pound request to both Westminister and Holyrood as part of its Growth Deal arrangement that would see a Falkirk and Grangemouth Investment Zone created.

Three main themes are contained in the bid that will help deliver transformation and growth at a local, regional and national level in the coming 15 years.

The themes are:

  • ‘Innovative Industry’ – which will see a bid for £79m that will centre around the area’s strengths in chemicals and automotive manufacture and will help with moving the area towards a low carbon economy.
  • ‘Enhancing National Infrastructure’ (£72m) that would see large scale improvements to the area’s road, rail, sea and pipeline infrastructure.
  • £80m will also be used as part of ‘Creating Greater Places’ that would see improvements in sustainable travel, tourism and energy supply.

Cecil Meiklejohn, councillor and leader of Falkirk Council, said: “It is an ambitious bid but we want to see more sustainable growth in future years for our area. If we are successful we will see a great future for the area and a place at the heart of Scotland’s future.”

The result of the bid will be expected in November or December 2019.

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