‘Feasibility studies’ continue over potential Ibrox Stadium expansion

Rangers Football Club is continuing to carry out feasibility studies over expanding Ibrox Stadium, it was revealed at the club’s AGM.

Discussing essential improvements for disabled access at Ibrox, managing director Stewart Robertson said the club is prepared to invest in improving the situation but also in considering expansion at the ground.

Asked about future works at the RIFC plc Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, Mr Robertson said: “We have looked at various options over the last six months or so and that (moving the corner screens) is one of them. It is probably the most expensive option because of the amount of steelwork and support work that we would need to do with the existing stands.

“However, we are looking at a couple of feasibility projects at the moment and one of those would involve lowering the pitch. The feasibility study there is to check where the water table is and see how far down it goes. We will have the results of that in a couple of months and we are also looking at potentially extending the Govan Stand by three rows as well.

“To go back to the point I made earlier, it is supply and demand. It is getting the balance between works that are feasible and make sense within the budgets we have got and expanding a new tier of the stand.”

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