Glasgow School of Art fire security firm taken to court by insurers

The insures for Glasgow School of Art have raised legal proceedings in the Court of Session against the company that installed fire and security measures at the Charles Rennie Mackintosh building that was destroyed by fire.

Arrest Fire & Security Ltd, based in Glasgow, was contracted to provide anti-fire security systems for the building as part of its restoration after the famous fire there in May 2014, The Times reports.

The art school’s insurers, Travelers Syndicate 5000 at Lloyds, is taking Arrest to court as it believes the company breached its duty of care in relation to the installation of the fire safety systems.

Following a short hearing this week, Lord Brailsford granted a motion made by the insurer’s legal team to hand over documents relating to the deal between the two businesses.

The Mackintosh building, considered a landmark of unique architectural significance, was destroyed by a fire in May 2018 and then was extensively damaged in a second fire in June 2018.

The restoration cost is estimated at £100 million.

Since the motion for documentation to be handed over was granted, the case is expected to come before the court again in the near future.

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