Homes plan approved in Newtyle

Plans for 22 homes in Newtyle have been approved by Angus Council.

The application by Ogilvie Homes is for land adjacent to Mundamalla on Coupar Angus Road, which is bound to the north by a disused railway embankment.

Five of the 22 dwellings would be affordable.

Amended plans were submitted to remove additional openings which were proposed in the mature hedge along the southern site boundary, according to The Courier.

An amenity open space would be provided between the housing and trees to the south and a play area would be incorporated within the open space.

Vehicular access would be taken from Coupar Angus Road to the south east of the site, adjacent to the substation.

The majority of the trees along the southern boundary would be retained with the exception of a single lime tree which requires removal for site access and sightlines.

Planning chief Kate Cowey said: “The proposal would facilitate the delivery of housing on a site allocated for that purpose.

“The site is safeguarded for around 20 units and the layout and design of the proposed development responds to the constraints of the site and provides a reasonable level of amenity for the new residents without unacceptable impact on the amenity of occupants of existing residential property.

“The proposal would increase the number of vehicles on local roads but the roads service is satisfied that the levels indicated can be safely accommodated within that network.

“Education impacts and other impacts on infrastructure associated with the proposal can be mitigated and no objections have been received from consultees.

“The proposal is considered to comply with the relevant policies of the development plan subject to proposed conditions and there are no material considerations that justify refusal of planning permission.”

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