Modular military lane separator targeted at bike lanes

Edinburgh-based company TCT-Europe has been working with Innovate UK and the UK MOD since June 2020 to design a recycled rubber lane divider.

The product is used on bases as a separator for goods, people, construction sites and on airfield taxiways and hardstanding. The company secured an order from the MOD in Jan 2021 and are currently launching the same product into UK bike lanes.

The rapid rise of cycling under Covid and the ongoing government support for active transport, has seen a significant rise of temporary cycle lanes across the UK. The key with these is to ensure the safety of cyclists. The units create a physical barrier to cars along with a visual barrier through reflective tapes on the posts and bases. It is the only modular barrier product currently available that can be solid for any length necessary or intermittent.

A key recent innovation of the product comes in the incorporation of a solar stud (patent pending). The active light source provides 10x the visibility of reflective material, in all weather conditions and at night. TCT-Europe is very excited about this new development and is working with the key bike lane associations and local councils to trial these units. These solar units can be ordered now and will be available shortly.

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