Morgan Sindall set to be awarded £1.7m contract for Dundee Waterfront centrepiece

A £1.7 million contract to deliver the centrepiece of one of Dundee Waterfront’s key spaces could be agreed next week.

The tender for Morgan Sindall to manufacture and install a stainless-steel whale sculpture, associated foundations, hard landscaping and interactive play park at Waterfront Place will come before Dundee City Council’s city development committee on Monday.

Committee convener Mark Flynn said: “The quality of the work at Waterfront Place is critical to ensuring that visitors and local people feel like they are not just in one of the city’s prime spots, but in one of the best locations in Scotland.

“It is also vital that the sculpture is durable and able to withstand the marine environment at the waterfront, while also being low maintenance.

“The size, scale and unique complexity of the whale sculpture has meant that limited suppliers are capable of manufacturing it despite engaging with a local fabricator.

“Local sub-contractors have been working at the site and our partnership arrangement for the Active Travel Hub is also with a local community interest company.”

The humpback whale, designed by award-winning British artist Lee Simmons, will be the centrepiece of the space created in a size and scale that complements its surroundings, while accommodating both convincing aesthetic values and visual strength.

Formed in tubular sections that follow the contours of the creature, the structure will flow from the northern entrance of Waterfront Place with the tail arching towards the Tay to capture a sense of movement.

Visitors to the park will also enjoy a multi-sensory experience using both sound and light with stainless steel tubular like maze structures representing kelp-like forests or water columns.

Work on the site has been delayed as a result of Covid-19 restrictions, however it is expected to be completed later this year.

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