MSP calls for joint-committee probe into blacklisting

Christina McKelvie
Christina McKelvie

Christina McKelvie MSP has urged the chairs of the Westminster Scottish affairs select committee and Holyrood’s infrastructure committee to consider holding a joint inquiry into blacklisting.

The MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse, has written to the committees following a meeting with workers representatives last week. With responsibility for employment law reserved to Westminster, but procurement devolved, the MSP argues that a joint investigation into blacklisting makes sense.

The Scottish Government has been working alongside the Blacklist Support Group to help workers who have been blacklisted, usually because of trade union affiliations or political activity.

Ms McKelvie said: “Blacklisting is totally unacceptable and the practice must be eliminated once and for all.

“With employment law reserved to Westminster and procurement devolved to the Scottish Parliament we need a co-ordinated approach and I have written to the chairs of the Westminster Scottish Affairs Select Committee and Holyrood’s Infrastructure Committee urging them to consider a joint inquiry into blacklisting.

“It seems unlikely that the UK Government, who have responsibility for employment law, will undertake any inquiry, and SNP calls for employment law to be devolved during the recent Smith Commission process were rejected by Labour and the Tories. In these circumstances, a joint committee inquiry offers a real opportunity to get the answers that workers deserve.”

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