New brochure reveals behind the scenes work of SELECT

A new brochure has been produced that explains some of the vital work that SELECT carries out behind the scenes.

The new publication, called By Your Side, outlines the many different ways that Scotland’s biggest trade association works to help improve the electrical landscape for both its members and the wider industry.

It reveals how SELECT is a tireless campaigner for regulation, presses for payment change and carries out political lobbying in Scotland and beyond.

It also explains the vital work the association does to raise industry standards, improve working conditions and aid skills development by building relationships and serving on respected industry bodies.

Iain Mason, SELECT director of membership & communications, said: “Our experts promote our Members’ interests in a variety of ways, from advising on essential technical and employment matters to conducting political lobbying.

“However, this dedication often happens unnoticed behind the scenes – so this guide explains exactly how we’re always working on our members’ behalf.

“It explains clearly how we work around the clock to give our members and the wider industry a strong collective voice, putting the needs of electricians first and creating a brighter future for us all.”


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