New River Don bridge option explored to improve Aberdeen transport links

The £22.3m Diamond Bridge over the River Don opened two years ago

A new bridge over the River Don is among a number of potentials options put forward by Aberdeen City Council aimed at improving transport links across the city.

Nine public transport options, and a range of active travel connections are being considered as part of a study to examine transport connectivity to from the new development sites and identify appropriate transport infrastructure and connectivity improvements.

The focus of the study is to examine transport connections between new and existing areas of development on the periphery of Aberdeen, and in areas of Aberdeenshire close to the Aberdeen City boundary with the aim of providing viable, attractive and direct linkages, as an alternative to the private car. Many of the connections would be developed to provide improved accessibility to existing communities within Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

The study considers the provision of appropriate public transport and active travel (walking and cycling) connections, between planned residential areas and key employment centres, and between the different modes of sustainable transport at key interchange points. The study considers a future position, when the development sites are built out. The sites are predominantly greenfield sites which are yet to be developed or are only starting to be developed. This study is about opportunity, and the chance to mitigate against the potential transport impacts associated with the developments.

Residents’ views were sought for the initial phase of the study in November 2016, and the study has progressed further taking these views into consideration. The council is now seeking views on the final set of options which are in the process of being appraised in detail.

The proposals include:

Active travel options focus on creating a network for commuting use and are primarily focused on cycling connections. Consideration was given to providing links between each pair of adjacent development sites, to the established interchange points, and to nearby key employment areas (particularly in the south of the study area). In developing the connections, consideration was given to the provision of on-road cycle routes, shared use footways/footpaths, signage, crossing facilities, lighting and surfacing, with the majority of connections made up of a combination of the above.

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesman, Councillor Ross Grant, said: “Officers have looked at the various options for transport connections between new areas of development on the outskirts of Aberdeen and into Aberdeenshire with the aim of providing viable direct linkages and improved accessibility as an alternative to the private car.

“The options also examine the advantages and disadvantages of each option for residents, people who work in the area and visitors, and it’s really important we get feedback from the public, as it really helps to assess the final options put forward.

“Investing in cross city connections ensures that our newly developed areas are best and most effectively connected, through improved connections, better public transport and incentives for active travel.

“I’d encourage people, and particularly those who live and work in the new areas of development on the periphery of Aberdeen, and in areas of Aberdeenshire close to Aberdeen City boundary, to go online to the council website to view the options and give their feedback.”

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