Plans lodged to demolish Aberdeen warehouse for apartment block

Halliday Fraser Munro has submitted plans to demolish three warehouses in Aberdeen to make way for 33 apartments.

The plans call for the regeneration of Union Glen which is located near Union Street, Urban Realm reports.

Conceived as a contemporary buff brick block, the 5/6 store building would have a chosen solution incorporating bronze metal panels around the window openings with soldier courses referencing the established street datums.

In its design statement, Halliday Fraser Munro wrote: “The use of a natural stone, instead of a synthetic alternative which is apparent in neighbouring 20th Century buildings, will evoke a sense of quality and solidity which is so apparent in the granite buildings of Aberdeen. Blocks of colour at window openings and doors will give the building a unique identity and add textural interest to the elevation.”

Properties will have access to shared and private gardens, deck access balconies and an entrance courtyard.

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