Robertson to deliver two new warehouses at Benromach Distillery

Two of Moray’s best-known family-owned businesses are combining for a project as work begins on the construction of two new warehouses for Scotch whisky maturation. 

Stuart McKay, site manager at Robertson (left), and Stuart Urquhart, operations director at Gordon & MacPhail

Robertson Group will deliver the £2.3 million project at Benromach Distillery for Elgin-based whisky specialist Gordon & MacPhail which has owned Benromach since 1993.

Located on the outskirts of Forres, Benromach Distillery was originally built in 1898 but went through many changes of ownership and closures before being rescued and re-equipped by Gordon & MacPhail.

Today, Benromach is one of the few distilleries in Scotland to maintain a handcrafted approach to whisky making without the use of automated machinery. A part of this traditional method is the maturing of the whisky in dunnage warehouses.

These archetypal whisky warehouses are long, low and whitewashed with an earthen floor. This helps to keep the casks consistently cool all year round and provide optimal conditions for maturing Benromach. 

Frank Reid, managing director of Robertson Northern, said: “We have extensive experience working with whisky companies across Scotland and understand the importance of each stage of the production process and its contribution to the final product.

“Like Gordon & MacPhail, Robertson takes great pride in the quality of our craftsmanship, our family ownership and our commitment to the local area.”

Stuart Urquhart, operations director at Gordon & MacPhail, added: “This latest investment is part of our long-term commitment to grow our business and our brands.

“Benromach continues to enjoy double-digit growth year on year, with strong demand overseas. We’ve increased production twice at Benromach over the last few years and these warehouses will be used to mature our whiskies to fuel further brand growth in years to come.” 

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