Stannah introduce new cost-effective passenger lift range

Selecting the right passenger lift for a project can be a challenge. Many different factors need to be considered carefully to ensure that the selected lift is right for the building, and the lift specification, despite sometimes a myriad of choice, options and configurations, does not cause long-term headaches for property managers.

Aesthetics and building regulations are not the only consideration. The number of people they will typically need to transport, the type of people using the lift and practical considerations such as space, building lifecycle and number of floors are also vital factors to take note of during the specification process.

Increasingly, ticking off all the essential items on the checklist while remaining within budget is becoming more of a challenge. This is why Stannah Lifts has introduced a new range of entry-level passenger lifts that are not only cost-effective but also much easier for construction professionals to specify according to their needs.

With a 150-year legacy of delivering passenger lifts to satisfied customers, Stannah Scotland covers Dumfries, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Orkney, Shetland Islands – and everywhere else. A company that has been in business for this long knows how to constantly refresh products to stay ahead of construction trends and keep focused on its customers’ needs.

We contacted Stannah because they are a recognised name in the lift industry, and were impressed by their service from the outset – an excellent product backed by professional support from start to finish.” - John Sneddon, project manager, Crossbasket Castle, Lanarkshire

“We believe specifying the right passenger lift should be effortless and that no one should have to compromise between performance, dimensions and design,” explains Craig Stevenson, Stannah Scotland branch manager at Stannah Lifts. “That’s why we’ve simplified our offering into the straightforward Maxilift range – for cost-effective, quick to specify and install traction lifts. And Xtralift, our extensive range of fully customisable traction lifts.”

This was a fast-track project completed on budget and to a tight deadline, and to our client’s total satisfaction. We use Stannah on a consistent basis because they are reliable in their manufacture and installation, often going the extra mile, as this project shows.” - David Ford, director of Ford Associates Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Yo! Sushi, Scotland

The new passenger lift ranges specifically support professionals working across all different types of construction projects. Stannah has for this reason introduced its most cost-effective traction lift yet, with a focus on the most popular finishes and sizes of its existing Maxilift range.

“While all our lifts are built to the same high standards and comply with all regulations, we know that some projects require a simpler specification, delivery and installation process,” said Jo Monro, head of marketing at Stannah. “That’s why we’ve improved the manufacturing of our most cost-effective traction passenger lift and have focused on the most popular finishes and sizes with our Maxilift range. It is the perfect entry-level lift for low and medium-rise buildings where you need to cover up to 6 stops for 6, 8, or 13 passengers.”

The new core Xtralift range is also designed to cater for projects that require much more flexibility, such as customised passenger lifts that can look at home anywhere from cathedrals to hospitals, airports and luxury residences. Xtralift products give construction professionals more choice across lifts for between 4 to 46 passengers, serving up to 20 floors. Irrespective of the finish required, Stannah lifts remain as hard-wearing and energy efficient as ever.

About Stannah Lifts

Since 1867, Stannah has continued its family tradition; to keep people and goods moving. With more than 30,000 new installs per year and servicing over 92,000 lifts and stairlifts, they support customers right across the UK and have a dedicated service branch in Scotland. Stannah Scotland not only deliver on passenger lifts, but platform lifts, goods lifts, escalators & moving walkways, lift servicing and lifts for homes too.

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