Tender issued for Lochaber Flood Prevention Scheme

The Highland Council has issued the tender for the Caol and Lochyside flood prevention scheme with a return date of November 26.

In the meantime, consultation with the local community is continuing over the final look of the riverside floodwall and the landscaping plans for the project which include planting, seating, paths and a play area. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, officers are unable to provide a face-to-face drop-in session and presentation but instead the team are working closely with Caol Community Council to spread the message about how people can provide feedback regarding preferred pattern and colour of the riverside floodwall. 

Posters, drawings and feedback forms are being distributed locally with help from the community council and full details are also available on the council’s website by visiting the Caol and Lochyside Flood Prevention Scheme page as well as on the community council’s facebook page.

The council’s executive chief officer for infrastructure and the environment, Malcolm MacLeod, said: “The design for the construction of the flood scheme is now complete and tender documents and drawings have been sent to a shortlist of contractors for pricing. However, there are still important details of the flood scheme which we would like to get the local community’s input on so I encourage people to look over the drawings and other material and feedback their comments.”

Construction is scheduled to start in early 2021 and continue for two years. 


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