Thornliebank housing plan refusal appealed

Bellway Homes has launched a bid to overturn a rejection of its plans to provide 165 homes in Thornliebank.

Councillors voted against the proposals for the Toffolo Jackson land in Burnfield Road due to road safety concerns, despite the application being recommended for approval by Glasgow City Council planners.

The development would have delivered 48 two-bedroom flats, 48 three-bedroom terraced properties, 26 three-bedroom semi-detached houses, seven three-bedroom detached houses and three four-bed detached houses on Burnfield Road. There would also have been 216 parking spaces.

A motion was put forward to agree the plan but impose conditions which would have ensured bollards were erected and the road widened to alleviate traffic issues.

However, an amendment to refuse the application was passed by 11 votes to four.

The developer is now trying to get the refusal overturned.  An appeal statement submitted to the council by consultants Iceni argued: “The planning history demonstrates that only two years ago, the council issued a ‘minded to grant’ decision for residential development [of 216 homes] at the site.

“This proposal was for 51 additional homes, over and above the number [now] proposed. The previous proposal also incorporated less parking onsite and similar access arrangements to the current proposal, with access to the flats taken from Thornliebank Road and two accesses to the rest of the Site off Burnfield Road.

“Six of the same councillors sat on both the 2017 and 2019 planning committees, considering proposals for the site.”

The statement added: “The transport assessment demonstrates that the proposed development is not likely to lead to further congestion on Burnfield Road.  The conclusions have been agreed by the council’s transport planning department and are supported by the road safety assessment.

“The proposed development will result in improvements to the existing situation through the widening of Burnfield Road, the provision of approximately 180 per cent parking within the site for new residents and visitors, as well as the provision of cycle parking facilities.

“In addition, a new pedestrian and cycle footpath will be created through the proposed development providing a connection to Thornliebank Road for existing and new residents, as well as visitors.

“Furthermore, the planning history of the site demonstrates that the previous commercial use generated similar car trips to and from the site.

“There are no material considerations which warrant the refusal of the application.”

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