Blog: Fact over forecast in construction contracts

Mike Barlow from MacRoberts details a case regarding compensation event provisions of NEC contracts.

Published 14 June 2017

Blog: An apprenticeship can be the start of an amazing career

Jennifer Gibson, who left school not knowing what she wanted to do and worked in a shoe shop before becoming an apprentice with Cruden, tells SCN about the value of apprenticeships and what it’s like being a woman in construction.

Published 13 June 2017

Blog: A new regulatory approach to Scottish district heating

What price will we pay for cheaper heat? James Forbes from Burness Paull looks at district heating schemes, fuel poverty and regulation.

Published 6 June 2017

Blog: Increased planning fees must lead to delivery of an improved service

By Steven Black, planning director at JLL in Scotland

Published 1 June 2017

Blog: How good design can support inclusion of autistic children in mainstream schools

By Martin Peat, director, Richardson & Peat

Published 1 June 2017

Blog: How can you protect your construction business from bad debt?

Head of EQ Property & Construction Steven Todd provides tips to protect your construction business from bad debt.

Published 29 May 2017

Blog: Self-Interest v Mutual Trust and Co-Operation – court issues guidance on NEC3 contracts

The Technology and Construction Court (TCC) has recently issued a useful decision in relation to NEC3 terms. For Harper Macleod’s John McHugh, the case provides a welcome guideline as to how far the obligation to act in the spirit of mutual trust and co-operation in NEC3 goes, and the importance of timescales set out in NEC contracts.

Published 26 May 2017

Blog: Actively seeking designs for low-energy homes of the future

By Martin Peat, director, Richardson & Peat

Published 26 May 2017

Blog: Increased emphasis on ADR in commercial actions in Scotland

New requirements for commercial actions highlight a change in emphasis for alternative dispute resolution in Scotland, writes Julie Scott-Gilroy.

Published 25 May 2017

Blog: Copyright infringement now top priority for property developers following landmark judgement

Jonathan Hyndman reviews the findings in the High Court case of Signature Realty Ltd v Fortis Developments Ltd and proposes some steps which property developers can take to avoid infringing copyright law.

Published 25 May 2017

Blog: NEC4 – will the 'Next Generation' of standard contracts be a step forward?

Euan Pirie from Harper Macleod highlights the imminent launch of NEC4

Published 24 May 2017

Blog: Data Protection: Information Security and the Construction Industry

Earlier this month, the construction company known as Construction Materials Online Limited was fined £55,000 by the Information Commission’s Office for breaching the laws on data protection and information security. Valerie Surgenor from MacRoberts discusses the case.

Published 24 May 2017

Blog: Construction is not just about getting your hands dirty

Pauline McCabe of Kier Construction gives her account of being a woman in construction, the path she took to getting there and her views on getting more women to consider a career in this sector.

Published 24 May 2017

Blog: The ‘brickie visa’ won’t solve the talent crisis in UK construction

Kelly Boorman, head of construction at RSM, on some possible ways to address the skills gap in UK construction.

Published 23 May 2017

Blog: Managing the power of a PM under nec 3 contracts without 'death by Z clause'

Euan Pirie from Harper Macleod discusses the limited "checks and balances" applied to project managers (PM) under nec 3 contracts.   

Published 22 May 2017