Blog: Deleterious materials in construction contracts

Jonathan Hyndman, partner at Rosling King LLP, discusses the key legal issues that parties to a construction contract must consider when negotiating provisions as to prohibited materials.

Published 3 November 2017

Letter to the Editor: Homes for Scotland clears up ‘anti social housing’ claims

Further to an interview in The Sunday Times in which I emphasised that solving Scotland’s housing crisis required a whole-system all-tenure approach, it appears that some people may have misinterpreted my remarks (indeed some misrepresenting them completely), framing them as being “anti social housing”.

Published 25 October 2017

Blog: CITB’s new approach to targeted funding

Geeta Nathan blogs about CITB’s approach to targeted funding, productivity, technology, innovation and recruitment.

Published 19 October 2017

Blog: Construction industry votes yes – now CITB must change

CITB chief executive Sarah Beale on the Levy consensus and the need for reform.

Published 12 October 2017

Blog: Will Dundee’s new local development plan create opportunities?

While Dundee’s proposed new Local Development Plan (LDP) provides continuity, Ian Livingstone says more flexibility is required to attract investment and meet current demands.

Published 9 October 2017

Blog: The Land and Buildings Transaction Tax is killing the Scottish housing market

Ken McEwan says we all face having to pick-up the tab for what he refers to as the Scottish Government’s "botched" Land and Buildings Transaction Tax as he appeals for an urgent reform to the property tax.

Published 5 October 2017

Blog: Trams can keep Leith revitalisation on track

GVA’s Peter Fraser on why proposals to extend the tram service to Leith could see the area’s conversion into one of the premier places in Edinburgh to live, work and visit.

Published 2 October 2017

Blog: Reforming planning needs a positive compelling vision, not just technical change

Former First Minister and town planner Rt Hon Henry McLeish on the launch of the Scottish Alliance for People and Places.

Published 26 September 2017

Blog: Project management – like never before! The technical team behind the Social Bite Village

In February of this year, Gill Henry, head of business development at The Cruden Group, agreed to take on the role of project director for the Social Bite Village in Edinburgh.

Published 26 September 2017

Blog: Time for a fresh look at the case for compulsory installation of residential sprinklers?

Andrew McFarlane makes the case for UK-wide regulation to make sprinklers mandatory in all new build houses.

Published 26 September 2017

Blog: BIM bother - contractor locked out

Karen Manning and Lynda Ross answer in the affirmative the question: can a court compel a consultant to provide access to design data stored on a BIM platform pending resolution of a dispute over payment?

Published 25 September 2017

Black’s Blog: Revolutionary ideas at Hospitalfield House

Architect Malcolm Fraser did the impossible at the first Andrew Nicoll Lecture (September 22). He made some revolutionary ideas seem sensible.

Published 25 September 2017

Blog: The age-old question: salary or dividends?

Roger Campbell outlines what construction directors should consider when deciding whether to take profits as a salary or dividend.

Published 22 September 2017

Blog: Property investors queuing up for retail park offers

Strong footfall numbers in 2017 have resulted in increasing investor demand for retail parks, writes Alasdair Steele.

Published 19 September 2017

Blog: The future of social housing design and build in Scotland is all about virtual reality

Euan Revell, senior architectural designer at planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore in Edinburgh, says today all eyes are on digital design.

Published 18 September 2017