Blog: New regulations in force concerning the energy performance of existing non-domestic buildings

The Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016 came into force on September 1, and are one of the latest measures brought in by the Scottish Government aiming to reduce Scotland’s carbon footprint, writes Laura Tainsh from Davidson Chalmers.

Published 5 September 2016

Blog: Energy efficiency: Holyrood unveils the big stick

By Mark O’Neill

Published 2 September 2016

Blog: My vision for Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme

To coincide with the announcement of Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme pilots, which is expected any day now, Changeworks is developing a series of insight papers to inform the debate on how to best deliver the programme.

Published 30 August 2016

Blog: We need a new vehicle for ECO to ensure more money is spent on alleviating fuel poverty

By Sean McLaughlin, managing director of Matilda’s Planet

Published 10 August 2016

Blog: Using arbitration to manage the risk of disputes in the uncertain Brexit era

Given the uncertainty of Brexit, arbitration could provide an opportunity for managing the risk of disputes with greater predictability and control. It should certainly be considered and weighed up at the time you enter into a new contractual relationship, writes Richard Farndale at Burness Paull LLP.

Published 2 August 2016

Blog: Informing Scotland’s land reform journey & better engaging communities

By Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Land Reform and Climate Change

Published 2 August 2016

Blog: Older Persons' Walkable Neighbourhood

Lesley Palmer, chief architect at Stirling University’s Dementia Services Development Centre, considers the importance of the ‘Older Persons' Walkable Neighbourhood’ when considering Housing Land Audits and the allocation of development sites for older people housing.

Published 20 July 2016

Blog: What can Scotland learn from England and Wales’ experience with the Community Infrastructure Levy?

The last few weeks has seen plenty of top level discussion about the outcomes of the independent Planning Review. This blog kicks off a series in which RTPI Scotland will aim to open the discussion about some of the specific recommendations in the panel’s report.

Published 13 July 2016

Blog: The Planning Review – the need to prioritise, mobilise and evangelise

RTPI Scotland policy and practice officer, Kate Houghton, responds to the review of Scotland’s planning system and outlines four priorities for any forthcoming reform.

Published 5 July 2016

Blog: CDM15 One Year on

By Louise Hosking, director at Hosking Associates, a health & safety consultancy

Published 27 June 2016

Blog: If the housing need is to be met, priorities have to be set

Bryan Finlayson outlines the consensus seen in Holyrood, that social housing has a large role to play in lifting Scotland out of the housing “crisis”.

Published 22 June 2016

Blog: Energy Plans

Danny Lafferty highlights the problems arising from the complexity of new carbon and energy performance regulations to be introduced this year.

Published 22 June 2016

Blog: Is Aberdeen's Property Slump a portent for London?

Whether you are a buy-to-let landlord or a private residential owner, you may well feel as though there is a pressing need to sell your house in the current climate. After all, not only is the government clamping down on tax benefits for private landlords, but we are also on the brink of another global recession and the withdrawal of the UK from Europe. With both situations likely to cause the Pound to crash and the Property bubble to burst, now would seem to be the best time to sell if you are thinking of doing so.

Published 22 June 2016

Blog: Empowering planning to deliver great places - An Independent Review of the Scottish Planning System

Marc Giles, planning consultant at Ryden, digests the recommendations made following an independent review of the Scottish planning system.

Published 3 June 2016