Blog: What does 2016 hold for Scottish planning?

Craig McLaren, director of RTPI Scotland, gazes into his crystal ball to identify key planning issues in the next year.

Published 6 January 2016

Blog: 2016 is the year for the construction industry to invest

Richard Threlfall, KPMG’s head of infrastructure, building and construction, forecasts a positive outlook for the construction industry in 2016 and calls on all businesses in the sector to start to invest.

Published 24 December 2015

Blog: Making plans

Scotland's planning system is key to the success of the renewable energy sector. As the Scottish Government sifts responses to a review of the process, policy manager Stephanie Clark gives the headlines from Scottish Renewables' submission.

Published 22 December 2015

Blog: Delivering Planning Reform – Time for Change

There is no doubt that the planning system in Scotland is indeed of urgent reform.

Published 24 November 2015

Blog: Construction workers urged to stay safe near overhead power lines

Bill Cuthbert, health and safety director at SP Energy Networks, is encouraging construction workers to stop and think before they start work close to overhead power lines.

Published 28 October 2015

Blog: Drones: taking the construction industry to new heights

Construction projects are complicated, time-consuming & resource-intensive. But once complete, they are always worth it. So when technological advances reach our industry that offer the opportunity to manage large projects that little bit easier, why aren’t more people doing it?

Published 16 October 2015

Blog: Architect Malcolm Fraser on the end of his practice

Architect Malcolm Fraser reflects on the experience of having to close his practice despite producing buildings feted by colleagues and politicians.

Published 14 October 2015

Blog: CDM Co-Ordinator Deadline 6 October - Are You Ready?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) set out what people involved in construction work need to do to protect themselves as well as others affected by the work from harm.  CDM 2015 replaced the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 and have been in force since 6 April this year.  To allow ongoing projects to adjust to the new regime, CDM 2015 provided for a transitional period to run for six months.  Those transitional arrangements end on Tuesday 6 October 2015. From next then, a principal designer must be appointed on relevant projects unless the project comes to an end before this date.

Published 6 October 2015

Blog: CDM – How are you doing and are you ready to transition?

We work with a range of businesses and schools who may be clients, contractors, principal contractors, designers or principal designers. I have been extremely impressed with how all our existing clients have adapted so quickly to the changes, and everyone can answer most questions posed to them regarding all things CDM15.

Published 2 October 2015

Blog: CDM2015 and its implications for the homeowner

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) came into force on 6th April 2015 and has implications for anyone organising work on their home.

Published 17 September 2015

Blog: The ‘New’ Payment Regime in Construction

Payment in the construction industry is regulated by the Housing Grants, Construction & Regeneration Act 1996. The payment regime had an overhaul with the introduction of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act in 2009, which amended the 1996 Act. The provisions of the 2009 Act took effect from 1 October 2011 in England and Wales and from 1 November 2011 in Scotland. The standard form construction contracts were amended accordingly, with the 2011 edition of the SBCC being published.

Published 10 September 2015

Blog: Why the scandal of urban land left vacant or derelict must be tackled

By Professor David Adams at the University of Glasgow

Published 21 August 2015

Blog: Bid Management… or bid mismanagement?

By Andy Monteith, head of construction at Baker Tilly

Published 4 August 2015

Letter to the Editor: Vaughan Hart on the latest construction liquidation statistics

The latest figures from the Insolvency Service are encouraging, showing a 20 per cent decline in the number of Scottish building companies forced into compulsory liquidation during the 12 months to June 2015. In total, 119 Scottish construction businesses failed during that period, down from 148 over the previous 12 months and a peak of 228 over the 12 months to June 2012.

Published 31 July 2015

Blog: Why should young people join the Scottish construction industry?

By Phil Ford, CITB's strategic partnerships director for Scotland.

Published 22 July 2015