Kevin Stewart: Building a planning system for the future

Minister for local government, housing & planning Kevin Stewart reflects on a big week in the world of planning in Scotland.

Published 1 December 2020

Hazel Davies: Urban or suburban – the eternal dilemma

We often think of flight to the suburbs as a modern phenomenon, but a conflict has raged for centuries between urban and suburban living. Cruden Homes’ sales and marketing director, Hazel Davies, explores this eternal dilemma.

Published 26 November 2020

Sarah Alexander: Does omitting works under the NEC3 subcontract constitute a breach?

Sarah Alexander, senior associate at Dentons, discusses the intricacies of the NEC3 subcontract.

Published 26 November 2020

Gillian Ogilvie: Buildings engineered for the future 

In discussing conservation engineering and the work structural engineers do to repair, protect and conserve our building heritage, Gillian Ogilvie talks specifically about her own work at The Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

Published 17 November 2020

Richard Bayliss: History tells us why we must act on climate change

The construction industry is confronted with historic challenges, as well as great opportunities in meeting the target of net zero, including a projected need for up to 300,000 new jobs. As last week marked the first Green Jobs Taskforce meeting, CITB’s sustainability and innovation lead, Richard Bayliss, explains more.

Published 16 November 2020

Bill Hill: ONS suicide statistics highlight need for vital work in the construction industry

Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity CEO Bill Hill reacts to the recent suicide figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

Published 16 November 2020

Paul Devine: Preventing the creation of additional vacant and derelict land on Scotland

Scottish Futures Trust's Paul Devine responds to the Scottish Land Commission's report which highlighted that 11,000 hectares of land lies vacant or derelict.

Published 11 November 2020

Ramsay Hall: Fraud and COVID-19 – seven ways to manage risk

Solicitor Ramsay Hall outlines the cost of fraud to the construction industry and reveals how businesses can minimise risk.

Published 4 November 2020

Neil McKay: Scotland’s focus should be on building communities, not just homes

Neil McKay highlights the importance of social housing and building communities as a key factor in helping Scotland recover from the COVID recession.

Published 30 October 2020

Lindsey Mitchell: Lessons learnt for sustainable school design

As we begin the year-long countdown to COP26, Lindsey Mitchell takes a look at how the education building sector can play its role in sustainable design.

Published 27 October 2020

Stewart Dalgarno: Tackling the housing shortage - wind and watertight in a day

Stewart Dalgarno discusses the achievements so far at the mid-way point of the Advanced Industrialised Methods for the Construction of Homes (AIMCH) project.

Published 21 October 2020

Abigail Brownlow: The homes they are a-changing

Throughout history, pandemics have changed our approach to the built environment. Abigail Brownlow explains how Wemyss Properties has responded to new demands from today's homebuyers.

Published 20 October 2020

Fergus Adams: Five tips for creating the perfect home office

Noting the increased demand for a manageable home working environment, Fergus Adams offers top tips for creating the perfect home office.

Published 20 October 2020

Wallace Hume: What I love about heritage projects is the history etched in every part of a building

Wallace Hume is a senior project manager at Kier and he is currently working on the refurbishment of The Burrell Collection in Glasgow. Here, Wallace talks about his career within the built environment, his passion for heritage projects and his pride at winning three Considerate Constructor Scheme Awards over the past three years.

Published 16 October 2020

Stephen Tucker: Making idealism practical and achievable: can we reach a net zero carbon Edinburgh by 2030?

While considering whether Edinburgh can meet its pledge to be a zero-carbon city by 2030, Stephen Tucker takes a broader look at how to achieve zero-carbon at scale from a planning and design perspective.

Published 13 October 2020