Construction Law

Council laid off six workers in sham redundancy to get rid of one employee

A council laid off six labourers before offering five of them new contracts in a bid to get rid of one of the employees, The Courier has reported.

Published 2 July 2015

Blacklisted former electrician offered £60,000 compensation

A former electrician on an industry blacklist has been offered £60,000 in compensation, 37 years after his name was written on the secret file.

Published 10 June 2015

Scottish asbestos bill will only load more administrative burden to over-stretched claims process, say lawyers

The Scottish bill to recover medical costs for asbestos diseases will lead to over-burdening costs on compensators as well as delays to the claims process and will do little or nothing to improve the overall care services for asbestos victims, law firm DWF has said.

Published 15 April 2015

Property developer wins seven-year legal case against RBS

A landmark decision handed down by the Supreme Court has left Royal Bank of Scotland open to a compensation claim that could run to as much as £3 million – a case that experts claim could be repeated throughout the banking industry.

Published 12 March 2015

Visitors will decide mock trial outcome at Health & Safety Scotland event

The jury’s decision at a mock trial will be in the hands of visitors attending the Health & Safety Scotland event held at the SECC in Glasgow on 22nd and 23rd April.

Published 18 February 2015

Widow of mesothelioma victim allowed to pursue damages action after judges refuse appeal

The widow of a joiner who died of an asbestos-related condition will be allowed to pursue her damages claim against her late husband’s former employers after the company’s insurers failed in an appeal.

Published 16 October 2014