Katy Wedderburn: Proposed new duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Katy Wedderburn, head of MacRoberts LLP's employment team, discusses the UK Government's proposal to introduce a mandatory duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment.

Published 28 July 2021

David Wilson: The definition of practical completion is now practically complete

David Wilson from law firm MacRoberts considers the outcome of Mears Limited v Costplan Services and what it tells us about what constitutes practical completion.

Published 9 October 2019

Neil Kelly: As you were? …an important decision from the Scottish Appeal Court on collateral warranties

MacRoberts head of construction Neil Kelly looks at the implications of the Scottish Appeal Court's decision in relation to last year's decision on collateral warranties in the context of time bar of a defects claim.

Published 13 September 2019

Blog: True Valuations – when can they truly be sought?

Solicitor Amy Drew of Scottish lawyers MacRoberts addresses changes to the law in the wake of recent cases relating to “smash and grab” adjudications.

Published 1 April 2019

MacRoberts: CMA continues to enforce its cartel agenda on construction industry

Following the news that five office fit-out companies were fined more than £7 million after admitting being involved in cartel behaviour, law firm MacRoberts looks at some recent fines issued by the CMA and the general approach to cartel behaviour in the UK.

Published 8 March 2019

Blog: Construction suppliers facing new challenges in 2019

Sarah Pengelly discusses the pros and cons of “living wills” for construction suppliers.

Published 16 January 2019

Sheppard Robson and MacRoberts announce new wellbeing series event

Architectural practice Sheppard Robson, in conjunction with Scottish law firm MacRoberts LLP, has announced the third event in its 'Wellbeing' series: 'Designing Spaces for Mind and Body'.

Published 8 January 2019

Blog: ‘Smash and Grab’: The Appeal

Rebecca Barrass provides an insight on a Court of Appeal ruling into a ‘smash and grab’ construction case.

Published 12 November 2018

Blog: Glendoe Tunnel – the collapse of reasonable skill and care?

Rebecca Barrass looks at the litigation surrounding the Glendoe Hydro-Electric Scheme

Published 6 June 2018

Blog: Construction Act reform – potential impact on the industry

Rebecca Barrass looks at the details of a UK government consultation reviewing changes to construction legislation. 

Published 19 January 2018

Blog: Top construction contract tips

Craig Bradshaw gives his top 10 tips for reviewing design responsibility in construction contracts.

Published 12 January 2018

Blog: Lessons in payment notices and pay less notices

Shona McCusker looks at two recent cases highlighting the difficulties in practice with payment and pay less notices.

Published 13 November 2017

Blog: Statutory notices and duties of solicitors - the £600,000 Blandfield bill

Gillian Craig looks at the risk attaching to ownership in an imperfect registration system.

Published 4 August 2017

Blog: Fact over forecast in construction contracts

Mike Barlow from MacRoberts details a case regarding compensation event provisions of NEC contracts.

Published 14 June 2017

Blog: Data Protection: Information Security and the Construction Industry

Earlier this month, the construction company known as Construction Materials Online Limited was fined £55,000 by the Information Commission’s Office for breaching the laws on data protection and information security. Valerie Surgenor from MacRoberts discusses the case.

Published 24 May 2017