Scottish Land Court

Scottish Land Court rules in favour of Space Hub Sutherland

Plans for the construction of Scotland’s first spaceport have passed yet another legal hurdle after the Scottish Land Court ruled that crofters can still work on the land outside of rocket launch periods.

Published 14 September 2021

Scottish Land Court and Lands Tribunal for Scotland to be streamlined

Two important judicial bodies are to be brought together to provide a better service for land-related issues within the justice system.

Published 8 September 2021

Crofting Commission wins appeal court ruling preventing tenant crofters erecting wind turbines

The Inner House at the Court of Session has upheld a decision made by the Crofting Commission denying crofters permission to erect land-based wind turbines on the grounds that the result would be "detrimental to the interests of the land owners".

Published 14 September 2020

Midlothian film studio plan hit by court ruling

Plans to deliver Scotland’s first purpose-built film and TV studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh appear to have suffered a major blow following a ruling by the Scottish Land Court.

Published 4 October 2018